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SAALG: Safer, More Efficient, and Sustainable Civil Engineering

Updated: Jun 5

Saalg Team

In the dynamic realm of construction, where ground uncertainty poses a significant challenge, SAALG Geomechanics has emerged as a trailblazer with its revolutionary software, DAARWIN. This groundbreaking tool, the first of its kind, seamlessly integrates predictive ground models, real-time monitoring data, construction progress, and historical information in a digital space. Let's delve into the remarkable journey of DAARWIN and the award it has garnered for SAALG Geomechanics.

The genesis of DAARWIN can be traced back to the doctoral studies of Ignasi Aliguer and Cristian de Santos at the Geotechnical Division of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Universitat Politecnicà de Catalunya BarcelonaTech. Faced with few opportunities within the university, the duo wisely identified the substantial possibilities their research held for the construction sector.

Under the leadership of Christian de Santos and Ignasi Aliguer, SAALG Geomechanics clinched the second position at the prestigious Santander X Spain Award | Startups 2023, held at the Valencia Digital Summit. The recognition highlights the company's exceptional contributions, particularly in the development and application of the groundbreaking DAARWIN.

"With the implementation of DAARWIN, the industry undergoes a significant transformation. Ignasi Aliguer highlights SAALG's strengths, which include an automatic back-analysis algorithm utilizing generic algorithms, a cloud-based high-performance computing framework, and the dedicated startup team with support from their partners."

The Santander X Spain Award not only brought financial support, including a prize pool of 20,000 euros but also opened doors for SAALG Geomechanics to represent Spain in the Santander X Global Award 2023. This global recognition provides the company with opportunities for international competition and invaluable mentoring sessions, further propelling its growth and success.

During the awards ceremony at the Valencia Digital Summit, Ángel Rivera, CEO of Santander Spain, highlighted the recent launch of a comprehensive and specific offering of services and products aimed at startups and innovative companies with scalability and growth potential. Among these initiatives, the establishment of a 100 million euro fund in partnership with Inveready stands out, representing the largest venture debt fund raised in Spain to date.

In the non-financial realm, the bank provides startups with access to its 28 urban Work Cafés across the country. These spaces, open to both customers and non-customers, offer an environment conducive to work, meetings, and event attendance. In these locations, specialized startup managers and the Santander X platform support the teams. Aliguer, in conclusion, stated, "Banco Santander's award is a significant recognition for a remarkable team that is doing excellent work with a notable social impact. Receiving it fills us with enthusiasm and pride."

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