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Civil Works

Geotechnical expertise is a crucial component of civil works, which encompass a wide range of infrastructure and public works projects. These projects, including the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, railways, airports, dams, seaports, and water supply, require specialized geotechnical knowledge. By incorporating DAARWIN’s geotechnical analysis tools, civil works projects can be planned and executed with a better understanding of the ground conditions, reducing over-dimensioning for optimization, and ensuring their durability and safety.



Geotechnical engineering in transportation addresses various challenges associated with infrastructure. Tunnels, rail track systems, bridges, and the stability of slopes and embankments require specialized approaches. Engineers must analyze geological characteristics of the terrain, deal with groundwater, prevent landslides, and select appropriate construction methods and support systems. Geotechnical engineering ensures efficiency and reliability in transportation across diverse and complex areas, ensuring the safety and durability of the structures.

Geotechnical engineering applied to water management infrastructures plays a crucial role in ground stability and the safety of dams, power plats, sewers, etc. It involves a comprehensive understanding of hydrogeology and geotechnical principles. In the case of dams, water is essential to ensure the structure can withstand hydraulic loads and maintain safety downstream. With its specialized approach, water contributes significantly to mitigating geotechnical risks and enhancing the resilience of water-related infrastructures.
Ports are vital hubs for maritime trade and transportation. Geotechnical considerations play a crucial role in port projects, as the stability and integrity of port infrastructure rely on the geotechnical properties of the underlying soil and rock formations. Geotechnical investigations and analyses inform the design of foundations, retaining structures and land reclamation projects, ensuring safe and sustainable port operations. 

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