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What is DAARWIN?

We are among the most innovative solutions in the #construction and #engineering market, our reason why is because of DAARWIN. Let us explain what DAARWIN truly is:

DAARWIN is cloud-based platform which main objective is to optimise (time, cost wise, safety and environmental footprint) engineering and construction projects at any of its life stages (including maintenance) through inverse analysis backanalysis).

Over the past 70 years, project costs are over budgeted in the construction sector that has been constantly growing, wasting taxpayer’s money around the world. The uncertainty related to ground behaviour has been allocated as a key risk among the cost deviations factors.

A better understanding of #geotechnicalengineering uncertainties allows for more accurate designs, cost and time implementation optimisation, carboon footprint reduction and safety & asset durability enhancement.

SAALG Geomechanics envisions DAARWIN as the benchmark platform based on machine learning algorithms that connects all those involved in an engineering/construction project and gather, manage, analyse and visualize all the ground information available to effectively implement this optimization and #riskmanagement workflow.


Tel: +34 625080870 / +34 637239861
Av. Diagonal 359, 2nd floor, 08037 Barcelona, Spain

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