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SAALG & Mow Vlaanderen

We are happy to start testing our product with Departement Mobiliteit en Openbare Werken, the Flemish Mobility and Public Works department. Unlike other public bodies around the world, where the different governments have gone to des-technification as a way of reducing cost and avoiding liability, they have kept a very competent team that now are learning the benefits of using #DAARWIN platform. If this test is successful, they should be able to apply DAARWIN to improve their approach to #projectdesign and management with a more proactive approach to ground behaviour while implementing the design.

Once DAARWIN releases its sensitivity Analysis module, they will be able to use this as well to improve their approach to design.

At the end, by keeping a strong technical team, in our opinion, the Flemish government through Mow Vlaanderen manages to reduce, and most important, control, their risk linked to construction.

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