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SAALG Geomechanics and Maxwell GeoSystems

Today we want to announce that SAALG Geomechanics and Maxwell Geosystems will be working together with the aim of easing the process of collecting and interpreting huge loads of data generated in construction projects, to provide a feasible approach to the Observational Method through Progressive design/project modification thanks to DAARWIN´s back-analysis capabilities.

We specialised in the use of geotechnical data, with the aim of creating the necessary tools that will enable geotechnical experts to shape the future of a sustainable, efficient and safe construction industry.

We see the value of being able to communicate with other digital solutions with the aim of adding value and improving what we offer to our clients. Also, we know is easier to grow stronger with others that share the same vision, that is our case with Maxwell Geosystems and their technical data system for construction MissionOS.

We envision DAARWIN to be a standard in construction, used by engineers all around the world to make construction fairer and safer. We know that our work with Maxwell Geosystems will help us achieve this goal.

For more information send us your contact information through "Contact Us" or an email to our Sales and Business Development Director Javier G. Martí (


Tel: +34 625080870 / +34 637239861
Av. Diagonal 359, 2nd floor, 08037 Barcelona, Spain

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