Incotec Expander bodies project

We have a great partnership to announce! We are working with Incotec Cimentaciones del Perú for the integration of #DAARWIN into its key product, the Expander Body Incotec (EBI). With this solution, the cost per ton of pile foundation is reduced

The EBI (in the photo below) is a special solution for complex projects foundations, for example in urban areas with limited space. The EBI consists of a long tube of folded steel that it is located at the tip of the pile or the anchor and it is expanded with the injection of cement grout, taking the shape of a watertight metal balloon.

The injection process is monitored and that is where we come in with our online software, DAARWIN. Our solution follows up on the process to verify its perfect fulfilment and controls the activity state of each EBI. This is a great example of DAARWIN’s platform flexibility, how its features can be used in different projects with singular instruments and purposes.

We are very excited with the project since we are working with the third generation of a family business that, like us, bets for innovation and optimization in a very conservative industry.

#innovation #construction #expanderbody #civilengineering

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