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Christmas greetings from SAALG Geomechanics

We could not think of a better way to send our team’s Christmas greetings than summarizing what this year has been to us (and probably to most of you) in an image. Last year we were thankful for all the good things that happened to us and to all the good people that always supported us, but this year’s ending will be different. No, we never forget about all that experiences and people (we actually have had awesome experiencies and news), but man, this has been a rough year! So, to wrap up this cursed year we wanted to thank us, to give us a pat on the shoulder and say “You did it, you endured it and you kept on going”. The year has been merciless to a lot of people an even though we condemn it, and we feel sorry about it, we can not avoid feeling proud of ourselves for hanging in there. And even though this might not be a “merry” Christmas, we wish you all to take a break, to eat good food and to be with your loved ones, even if it is by chat or videoconferencing, because we all deserve it. Have a safe holiday season and see you all next year (fingers crossed for a better one)!


Tel: +34 625080870 / +34 637239861
Av. Diagonal 359, 2nd floor, 08037 Barcelona, Spain

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