AccelerAts (TV3) clip

We want to share with all of you this video that was aired yesterday on the Catalan Public TV (TV3), it is a short clip of us summarizing what we do and how fulfilling and worthwhile was the time we spent at the Lanzadera Acceleration program.

Since the video is short, we want to take advantage of this space to reflect more on that experience. We only have kind words for Lanzadera. Entrepreneurship is difficult, more that it may seem, so finding a good program with great professionals is key, and with Lanzadera we learned about consistency, hard work and leadership. Moreover, their support was key for us during these pandemic hard times.

So, thank you Lanzadera and thank you as well to the ones that have and still support us, Mobile World Capital Barcelona and CEMEX Ventures. We will keep on the hard work!

#accelerAts #innovation #startup #lanzadera #entrepreneurship

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