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10 ways to make construction more sustainable

These days it is common to see on the news the aftermath of climate change, for this reason it is so important and urgent to try to reverse it or at least slow it down. One of the most harmful industries for the ecosystem is the #construction industry since it is a huge consumer of natural resources and a massive contributor to waste. However, and besides its outdated processes, it seems that the change to a more #sustainable construction is coming. In the article below it points out 10 ways to make construction more sustainable, and our work as SAALG Geomechanics fits right into the number 5, the cloud-based software. As the article says, it is the easiest change and it has remarkable benefits that contribute to sustainability, some of them are reducing waste, time, and improving performance, efficiency, and productivity. Since we’re already embracing sustainability we want to encourage everyone in the industry to go green for a better future. Check out the other 9 ways 👇


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